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Why PR.D?

PR.D is on a mission to make access to technology a seamless process. We offer diverse expertise, knowledge and experience to partner with you and deliver on your requirements. Whether you be a startup founder requiring technical support or a mature organisation that requires strategic support on a new initiative, PR.D can deliver on your goals. 

We're different sizes

Our staged approach means you remain in control of Time, Budget & Scope. We assess each project individually and help you build up the business case around your project.

Access to resources

PR.D can provide access to leading tech, refined processes, out of the box thinking, all from highly skilled resources that can be mobilised in days to support the unique needs of your project.

Product Satellite

We work hard to avoid the consultant tag. We operate as a satellite function that sits alongside  your business to partner in your project to achieve your goals. 

Access to

Leading tech partners

Refined processes

critical thinking









your product team on demand


We will determine just what is right for you and your project.


PR.D can assess your project potential and help you decide how to take the next phase.


Idea Validated, let us get you up and running with the best tech teams out there.


Have a product? Now its more about the strategic changes to build traction. Our satellite model can be accessed on demand.

Our Process

1. Discover

Start with the why. Our discovery workshops applies use cases and challenges the core idea to determine the real value of the concept. How and where will this fit? This is our chance to find the right solution and get on the same page with you and your project.

3. Design

Once we’ve defined our goal and purpose, the workflows can be further cemented through prototypes to help establish the critical look and feel of the product. How to appear unique, engaging and recognisable through our language and design.

5. Deliver

Our work does not complete at development, we continue through post launch and future iterations of the product. We work on strategic direction such as aligning with marketing & PR campaigns with goals to increase engagement whilst also acting as a support team to troubleshoot queries with new customers. 

2. Define

Workflows allow for us to take the first step in visualising the change & understand how the product will function. How do we mitigate drop out rates and increase conversion. Whats the narrative that will underpin the product. 

4. Develop

With preparation complete, development teams can be engaged to commence the build without the risk of waste or ambiguity. The upfront effort to provide a clear vision & plan for build means we can approach development partners with confidence, leading to more accurate budget and timeline expectations.

IN Motion

See how we partnered with Yoca on their mission to #SupportLocal

Who we help

From start-ups to established brands, we offer a fresh set of eyes and a pair of ears to the ground.

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Through our Discover & Design Phases we support in the assessment of great ideas and take them beyond the notebook.


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Scale up

🧑‍🏫  Support from our Founders.
🧪  Test your workflow.
🧑‍🎨  Review Designs.
📖  Establish a narrative.
💰  Validate the model.
🦚  Identify Uniqueness. 

🚀  Post BETA launch? 
🧑‍💻  Use our network. 
👷  Construct your v.1.0.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  Acquire more users.
🤩  Generate loyalty.
🌎  Establish a brand.

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⏰  Short term Strategic Project
📈  Long term Change Programme
🙋‍♂️  Specific skilled resource
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  Full Development Team
🏠. Extend in house resource


Past clients


Our team

Being on demand allows us to keep our fees competitive. We operate for your purpose and have the full flexibility to work outside of a “package” model. Each project has different needs and multiple variables, so our clients only work with those who have skills to make a difference today.  

Will Wright


Will is our founder, and experienced product professional who loves nothing more than wiping the slate clean and starting from zero.

He has a decade of’ experience in technology having worked for top FTSE 100 dot com’s to some of the leading UK Fintech organisations.

He’s a tech founder too, having built idea’s from scratch and take them to market. With PR.D, he gets to do this every day.

Alex Davies

Project Manager



We’re looking to hire for a junior PM, get in touch with us.


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